Reduce Pain & Move Freely

An Introduction to Somatics.

*Find out what Somatics is

*Learn why it is different Stretching

*Discover how it can reduce your pain, increase your mobility, improve your posture & help you develop Mindfulness

*Enjoy a 1 hour Mindful Movement Session within the workshop. The Somatic Movement session will focus on releasing muscular tension & tightness through your Back, Neck, Shoulders & Hips.

Please wear comfortable clothing to move freely during the workshop. Please bring a yoga/gym mat.

COST: $40

Saturday 15th June 2pm
Sunday 16th June 2pm
Sunday 28th July 2pm
Sunday 8th September 2pm
Saturday 5th October 2pm
Sunday 6th October 2pm
Sunday 17th November 2pm

Weekly Classes

Weekly Mindfulness with Somatics classes at held at The Home of Total Somatics, The Movement & Wellbeing Centre.

6-7pm COST: $20
7.20pm – 8.20pm COST: $20

12.15pm-1pm COST: $15

The classes are kept small to ensure you receive the highest quality of attention and guidance.

The Classes include:

* Increasing mind/body awareness with movement and posture

* Encouraging your Central nervous system to wind down.

* Encouraging your SOMA (mind & body) to start living in the “rest & digest” actions of the nervous system.

* Learn how to break habitual movement patterns which have contributed towards poor posture, limited movement and pain. 

* Work with the root cause of all muscular contraction and tightness – your brain. 

* Learn how to move from living in a subconscious (“autopilot”) mindset to a conscious (mindful) mindset. 

* Total Somatics will teach you how to start living mindfully and somatically