Clinical Somatics

Clinical Somatics is very different to other forms of body work. You and Heidi will be very involved in the session. Throughout the appointment Heidi will ask you to move certain limbs plus she will also provide a small amount of resistance to your movements. This is to allow your muscles to fully relax and reset their length.

Heidi will teach you how to Pandiculate. Pandiculation is the 3 step process used to relax and reset muscle length. The three stages are: contraction, release and full relaxation of muscles. This process involves your brain map which Heidi will discuss further on the day. Basically when you pandiculate, you teach the area of your brain responsible for holding certain muscles chronically tight, how to relax and soften.

You will notice the movements are very small and subtle. You may wonder how these delicate movements can really have an impact. Somatics is “cortical learning” which means you are training your brain to communicate correctly to your muscles. The movements don’t have to be large or elaborate. You are “waking up” areas of your brain so you can consciously or voluntarily move certain muscles again. When you experience the lack of coordination you have over certain movements in the session, this will make so much more sense. You can intellectualise Somatics, however until you actually experience it, you don’t realise how powerful the modality is.

Please wear comfortable clothing so you can move freely. Heidi will be using my therapy table for the session. A Clinical Somatics session can take up to 90 minutes. Heidi will teach you somatic movements to practise at home. Please bring your mobile phone so Heidi can record you practising the home care movements as she provides the audio for your future reference.

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