Myofascial Release

Myofascial release involves a gentle yet sustained pressure from the therapist to encourage positive and lasting changes to body alignment and help reduce pain and body distortion.  This can be as a result of physical and/or emotional events recently or in the past.
Fascia consists of the following 3 substances,


  • Elastin: It is rubberlike and allows tissue to stretch, “elasticity.”  It acts as a shock absorber.
  • Collagen: A protein that consists of 3 polypeptide chains, providing strength.  It is stronger than steel and has as much strength as 2000lbs per square inch.
  • Ground substance: It surrounds all cells and produces a gel like substance.  This helps  hold joints in place.  The gel/fluid substance is produced by the  fibroblasts.  Similar to elastin, it helps absorb movement.
Intricate Detail Of The Fascia

Fascia and the effect it has on you!

Fascia is critical to overall health and functioning.  It connects and holds nerves, arteries, fats and veins in place.  Fascia works on the principle of tensegrity.  Tensegrity is a system that stabilizes itself mechanically because of the way in which tensional and compressive forces are distributed and balanced within the structure. It is a tension that is continuously transmitted across all structural members.  Therefore an increase in tension in one of the members or cords results in increased tension in members throughout the structure-even ones on the opposite side.  A similar analogy to this would be a tagged jumper.  When the wool is caught, it creates a drag effect, not just in one area, but along the entire length of the jumper.  It can be seen from the hem end to the collar.