Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is a special event in a woman’s life and throughout the 9 months, her body deals with many changes; physically and emotionally.

Massage is a wonderful tool to assist during this time. Over the years our therapists have helped many pregnant women benefit from their treatments.

pregnancy massageEach massage is different and tailored to the mother’s current stage of pregnancy. For instance, during particular massages, lymph drainage and reflex points are worked to deal with issues such as sluggish lymphatic flow (swollen ankles). When constipation becomes an issue during pregnancy, our therapists may incorporate reflexology techniques into the pregnancy massage. When back and hip discomfort occurs during pregnancy, once again we will ensure the mum-to-be is treated holistically and will target areas of need.

We always maintain high professional standards and we hold our duty of care very seriously. So if they feel you may need a GP consent before proceeding with treatments, this is due to the standards and code of ethics outlined our training over the years and current guidelines from the Massage & Myotherapy Australia (MMA).