Sarah Hughes

Sarah is a remedial massage therapist who is passionate about helping people to improve their wellbeing or assisting them to recover from an injury or illness. She is committed to furthering her knowledge of natural therapies to ensure clients receive the most up to date and appropriate treatment. She has recently gained certification in myofascial cupping.
For the past two years Sarah has worked out of her home and at the Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre with clients who have suffered a spinal injury or have nerve dysfunction due to a medical condition. She has assisted clients in reducing pain and increasing muscle function and movement. Sarah has also worked voluntarily at the Laurel Hospice (formally located at the Repatriation General Hospital) providing massages to both patients and their carers.

In addition to this, she has also volunteered her time to assist athletes by providing sports and remedial therapies pre and post events. Sarah has previously worked with the North Adelaide Football Club as well as at community events.

Sarah’s dedication to massage and its benefits has been recognised by Evolve College (registered training organisation for massage in Australia) who are currently supporting her studies to become one of their trainers and assessors and assist future massage students to enter the profession.

Sarah’s skills are in the following areas:

Remedial Massage
Myofascial Cupping
Deep Tissue Massage including trigger points
Sports Massage
Massage for relaxation and stress reduction
Hot stones used with remedial /deep tissue massage
Massage for spinal injuries and nerve dysfunction

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