Reduce Pain & Move Freely

An Introduction to Somatics.

*Find out what Somatics is

*Learn why it is different Stretching

*Discover how it can reduce your pain, increase your mobility, improve your posture & help you develop Mindfulness

*Enjoy a 1 hour Mindful Movement Session within the workshop. The Somatic Movement session will focus on releasing muscular tension & tightness through your Back, Neck, Shoulders & Hips.

Please wear comfortable clothing to move freely during the workshop. Please bring a yoga/gym mat.

COST: $45

Sunday 3rd May 2pm – 4pm
Sunday 14th June 2pm – 4pm
Sunday 26th July 2pm – 4pm
Sunday 30th August 2pm – 4pm
Sunday 11th October 2pm – 4pm
Sunday 22nd November 2pm – 4pm

Weekly Classes

Weekly Mindfulness with Somatics classes at held at The Home of Total Somatics, The Movement & Wellbeing Centre.

6pm – 7pm COST: $25
7.20pm – 8.20pm COST: $25

12.15pm – 1:15pm COST: $25

The classes are kept small to ensure you receive the highest quality of attention and guidance.

The Classes include:

* Increasing mind/body awareness with movement and posture

* Encouraging your Central nervous system to wind down.

* Encouraging your SOMA (mind & body) to start living in the “rest & digest” actions of the nervous system.

* Learn how to break habitual movement patterns which have contributed towards poor posture, limited movement and pain. 

* Work with the root cause of all muscular contraction and tightness – your brain. 

* Learn how to move from living in a subconscious (“autopilot”) mindset to a conscious (mindful) mindset. 

* Total Somatics will teach you how to start living mindfully and somatically